What is CustomerCare.org?

CustomerCare.org is a web-based complaint management service that helps users make complaints and resolve problems of all types resulting from defective goods, poor service, mistakes and other problems experienced in dealing with everything from shops to phone companies to airlines to insurers.

We're here to help you get the support and service you rightly deserve without wasting your precious time navigating automated phone systems, listening to music-on-hold and eventually getting through to a call-center staffed by people unable and unwilling to assist with your unique problem.

We provide you with a fast, convenient and free platform to get your complaint straight to the top for immediate action by executives with authority so that you can get on with your life.

How does CustomerCare.org work?

Using the simple web interface a user selects a company or organization and then summarizes the complaint by following a series of simple checks to ensure all relevant information is included. Any bills, receipts, documents or photos that support the issue can be easily uploaded.

We provide helpful prompts so that a complaint can be properly organized and then do our best to present the issue together with supporting documents and photos to a Director or Senior Decision-Maker at the business or organization in order to get the matter resolved quickly.

We simply provide customers with the resources required to create a high-level dialog with a person who can understand your unique complaint and then authorize suitable action to provide satisfaction.

We access our huge database to take your complaint directly to a Director or decision-maker of the company so that you can get the attention your complaint deserves.

Our data team has compiled and maintains a huge database of key decision-makers in most top companies; directors who can understand your unique problem and organize appropriate action fast.

We use email to hopefully get your complaint through.

Our database organizes thousands of high-level contacts from top companies to find the best person to contact about your unique complaint. We also hold contact listings for assistants, managers, and other personnel including title, department and emails together with details of appropriate co-workers.

We access white pages listings, people search platforms, public records, online profiles and social network information, all within established guidelines, to help us safely find and learn about the people who are responsible for providing you with goods and services.

Our free independent service is designed to empower you, the customer, to get real satisfaction without wasting your valuable time.

What makes CustomerCare.org different from other platforms?

What sets our service apart is our unique bespoke complaint management system that we developed over years of rigorous testing. Unlike other complaint platforms, we actively engage and use sophisticated technologies, leaving no stone unturned in order to get your complaint the attention and time it deserves.

Your issue is tracked from start to finish using our customised advanced tracking system. We keep you informed throughout the process. When we don’t get a response, we issue reminders at regular intervals during the working week. We are persistent and determined to ensure your issue gets resolved.

What sort of compensation will I get?

There are three groups of measures that are usually available for solving the problem and compensating customers.

These are financial, tangible and intangible.

Financial compensation includes:

  • Money back.
  • Price reduction, compensation for damage, poor service or mistakes.
  • Voucher for another purchase.

With tangible solutions, compensation can take place in the form of a payment in kind typically:

  • Exchange.
  • Repair.
  • A different product or service.
  • A gift.

Intangible measures

  • Explanation.
  • Information.
  • Apologies.

Is CustomerCare.org independent?

CustomerCare.org is an independent service; we take no sides. We are not normally involved in the conversations between Customers and Companies or Organizations. We do not view or edit the content, attachments or correspondence between you and the Company or Organization.